Dark male fragrances such as Sheikh Al Oud

Sheikh Al OudAs a man who likes to change up fragrances from day to night, there is a wealth of seductive and heady perfumes that take me from the freshness of getting up for the day, to the opulence of a lounge bar somewhere. Being Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen means loving luxurious and sumptuous things and, of course, perfume is no different. Here I review my top fragrances for after dark.

The top of the list for Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen is the Sheikh Al Oud, which just screams class. The bottle itself is somewhat flashy, with a large gemstone on the lid and intricate detailing all over the bottle. However, this oriental scent is not to be missed, with notes of both pink and black pepper in at the top, blending down into a much more floral mid-section. The base is the real piece de resistance, though, with sweet tonka bean and sought-after ambergris.

Definitely one for fans of spices like cumin, Amouage Fate for Men is an intense scent with a longevity that keeps going right through the night. Perfect for you party animals. It takes a while for the full scent to come through, with some reviewers saying they needed a few hours at least to get a true representation. There is an almost savoury twang for the immortelle and licqorice but I feel this is balanced correctly by the floral top notes.

Alessandro Gualteri created this naughty perfume Black Afgano with hedonism in mind. The top note is a certain smokeable substance, put in to give the feeling of temporary happiness and bliss that you may feel after such a thing. Scents such as coffee and tobacco are in the mix for the very same reason. It almost has a touch of incense that stays on for a long time and will have people asking you where on earth you got that wonderful fragrance from.

For the man who prefers a more down-to-earth evening scent, Lalique Encre Noir may just be the one. Vetiver and cypress stand out for me, and the inkwell bottle is simply divine. When people think of Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen, I would be happy for them to think of this fragrance: Intoxicating, strong and dark. This is very much a signature perfume, and probably not one that suits the daytime. However, fortune favours the brave and that is just as true in life as it is in the fragrance world. Go forth and smell great.


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